Decentralized Data and AI platform

We develop Data and AI-related hubs through platforms like Data Hub or AI Marketplace (and other upcoming hubs) and standard protocols for creators like Royalty Protocol in order to establish decentralized environments for the Web 3.0 data economy and AI-based services.

Data Hub

Oraichain Data Hub is a decentralized platform that aims to solve all your data problems including exploring or analyzing data, storing or sharing data, creating or requesting high-quality data. The Data Hub is to monetize data and preserve data royalty**.**

There are several key services that Oraichain Data Hub will provide: Market, Cloud, Analytics, Request, and Labeling.


Monetizing access to your datasets via staking and selling data. Accelerating your AI training with high-quality datasets. All royalty and privacy are preserved.


Share your data around the world. Store your data in the Cloud. Access to start training AI models.


A decentralized playground to explore, analyze and train your machine learning algorithms. We provide a rich set of analytics features and collaboration tools.


Request more training data, enhance your analysis with user feedback data.


Complete from simple tasks to expert-level tasks to increase human knowledge for AI training and get paid too! This is a 24/7 and royalty-preserving crowdsourcing service!

AI Marketplace

Oraichain AI Marketplace is being upgraded to a new version and is about to launch after Mainnet 2.0 upgrade. With this version, AI Marketplace will allow everyone to become AI API providers, publishing and selling their services as “packages”.

These packages can be integrated to smart contracts via Oraichain AI Oracle mechanism later. This is an important improvement compared to the first version of AI Marketplace.

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