Layer 2 Rollups and Subnetworks

The purpose of running subnetworks & Layer 2 rollups adaptations on Oraichain is separating the Mainnet and subnetworks is to scale up the performance of the Mainnet, also known as the Layer 1.

Oraichain's Layer 2 Rollups

Rollups are Layer 2 solutions dominating Ethereum scaling and have been gaining a great popularity in many networks like Syscoin, Cosmos, and many specific projects like Immutable X, zkSync, StarkWare, Loopring, etc.

There are two types of rollups: optimistic rollups(optimism project) and zk-rollups (zksyncs project). Oraichain has customized these both types in its modules when implementing subnetworks for AI Oracles and OraiDEX.


Subnetworks for running DApps on Oraichain Mainnet 2.0 are set to stay in Layer 2 while considerably helping in expanding the capacity of Mainnet but not affecting its core logic and security.

At the moment, Oraichain has launched two subnetworks: VRF Subnetwork and AI Execution Subnetwork.

Subnetwork executors play a role as a validator for the working of a subnetwork on Oraichain. Similar to a blockchain validator, an executor participates in the execution and verification of the computation, in this case, the calculation of the random data. However, compared to blockchain validators, VRF or AI Execution subnetwork executors require much less computing resources and don’t need to achieve 100% uptime.

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