AI Layer 1 for Data Economy & Oracle services

Oraichain Mainnet 2.0, namely AI Layer 1 for Data Economy and Oracle services, is a major upgrade of Oraichain Mainnet to get ready for mass adoption and interoperability with other chains.

Oraichain interconnects AI and Blockchain to introduce innovation and hence needs to revolutionize both in order to make them compatible and integrable. In the AI space, Oraichain focuses on providing decentralized platforms for Data and AI, standardizing how AI-based computation can be verifiable on-chain while ensuring the correctness of AI. In the Blockchain space, Oraichain emphasizes the scalability and interoperability of its oracle solutions and services with other networks in order to expand the utility of the Oraichain ecosystem; and through this, a wide range of unprecedented Dapps — more functional and intelligent can be made possible.

Oraichain’s technology and strategy on adoption have the main themes as follows:

AI Layer 1 with high interoperability — We bring our AI ecosystem and services to all major blockchain networks through our relaying protocols and bridges.

Scale-up with Layer 2 solution — We scale our oracle services and protocols like VRF in a subnetwork via a customized Layer 2 Rollup (for AI Oracles and Oraichain’s protocols), which allow public participants and increase transaction throughput.

Verifiable and Trustless AI execution — We design and implement “proof of correctness” and “proof of execution” for any AI computation. This plays a fundamental role in developing AI Oracles for many smart contracts.

Decentralized Data and AI platform — We develop Data and AI-related hubs through platforms like Data Hub or AI Marketplace (and other upcoming hubs) and standard protocols for creators like Royalty Protocol in order to establish decentralized environments for Data Economy and AI-based services.

Standardized protocols for high applicability — We make standard developing tools and protocols for developers such as Cosmwasm IDE, or upcoming SDK and development sandbox for Dapps, NFT, Metaverse projects.

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