Compile a Contract

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for compiling the cosmwasm smart contract. Example contracts for this can be found at

If you have ZERO experience with smart contracts, you need to check out for setting up your environment, testnet, and the basics of CosmWasm.\

Install cosmwasm-tools

The easiest way is to simply use the cosmwasm-tools to compile cosmwasm smart contract. Follow these steps to install cosmwasm-tools:

  • Using npm:

npm install -g @oraichain/cwtools
  • Or can use yarn:

yarn global add @oraichain/cwtools

After installed this package, to verify if installation process took place successfully, type to your terminal:

cwtools --version

For more information of cwtools command, type:

cwtools -h

Compile cosmwasm contracts

To compile cosmwasm contract using cosmwasm-tools, use following command:

cwtools build path-to-contract

You can compile multiple cosmwasm contracts:

cwtools build path-to-contract_1 path-to-contract_2

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