Joining Mainnet

Basic Oraichain mainnet metadata & properties:

Chain ID: Oraichain

Coin minimal denom: orai

Coin decimal: 6

Bip44 Coin type: 118

Light Client Daemon (LCD):

Remote Procedural Call (RPC):

Google Remote Procedural Call (gRPC):

Cosmos SDK version: v0.45.16

Tendermint version: v0.37.0-rc2

Cosmwasm-std version: v0.33.0. Documentation:

Node hardwarde specification:

Can be either amd64 or arm64.

Minimum requirements

The number of CPUs: 4vCPUs
Storage: 500GB SSD

Recommended requirements

The number of CPUs: 8vCPUs
Storage: 1TB SSD

Chain Pruned Data Download URLs:

  • 1st option:
  • 2nd option (from Oraichain validators group):

Please join the Oraichain validators group on Telegram to request a snapshot data!

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