Build docker binary from source

Instruction to install the oraid binary in docker

Choose an Operating System

The operating system you use for your node is entirely your personal preference. You will be able to compile the oraid daemon on most modern linux distributions and recent versions of macOS.

For the tutorial, it is assumed that you are using an Ubuntu LTS release.

If you chose a different operating system, you will need to modify your commands to suit your operating system.

Install Docker

By installing docker, you will not have to install Go & pre-requisites. Follow the instructions here to install Docker.

Build Orai from source

# run the docker container with pre-built image from Oraichain
docker run -v $(pwd):/workspace -it oraichain/foundation-orai:0.41.0-alpine-dev

# clone the Oraichain network repository
git clone

# enter the repo
cd orai

# checkout the latest tag
git checkout <tag>

The <version-tag> will need to be set to either a testnet or the latest mainnet version tag.

The current mainnet version tag is v0.41.0 - i.e:

git checkout v0.41.0

Next, you should verify the /lib/libwasmvm_muslc.a file which is located in the container to see if it matches the one that is published on the Oraichain mainnet release, using its checksum:

sha256sum /lib/libwasmvm_muslc.a | cut -d ' ' -f 1

The current checksum of the file should be: 6da1ce5882c02ff763f5bea6323cbb1636cd984878447794bd15c8ac696306c0

Next, you should be able to build the binary file using the following commands:

# in orai dir
go get ./...

To confirm that the installation has succeeded, you can run:

oraid version

The current binary version is v0.41.0, the checksum value may vary due to go.mod being updated after go get ./...

Connecting to the network

To connect to the Oraichain network you can either run your own node or connect to a public node's RPC endpoint. To find a public node to connect to consider looking in the official chain registry of Cosmos. Connecting to a public node requires the least configuration but you should be sure that you trust whatever node that you choose.

This tutorial allows you to build the orai binary from source. Nonetheless, we also have another tutorial that already automates this process, which is suitable for those who want to setup a quick node and connect to the Oraichain network.

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