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Become a Full Node Operator

This tutorial helps full node operators quickly synchronize with the Oraichain mainnet by downloading a storage snapshot prepared by the team. The downloading speed is much faster than synchronizing from the first block, which allows fast set up to join the network in no time!

Hardware specifications for an Oraichain node:

Please take a look here

Setup the node

1. Download and run the setup file

curl -o docker-compose.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oraichain/oraichain-static-files/master/docker-compose.0.41.4.yml && curl -o setup.sh https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oraichain/oraichain-static-files/master/setup.0.41.4.sh && chmod +x setup.sh && curl -OL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oraichain/oraichain-static-files/master/orai.env

2. Edit your moniker in the orai.env file you have just downloaded

In your orai.env file, it's a good idea to set the LOG_LEVEL parameter to "info" if you want to see all the container logs.

3. Build and enter the container

With docker, your node can run on any platforms. As a result, it is a must to install and download Docker & docker-compose. Afterward, please type:
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d --force-recreate
This command starts setting up a container for your Oraichain node. It runs several commands to get a statesync node ready. You can see these steps in the docker-compose file. For more details, the setup.sh file has many Bash scripts that handle different tasks automatically. Also, it makes a special folder called .oraid, which keeps all important settings and data for your node.

4. Statesync to synchronize your node

Statesync is the quickest way to let your node catch up with the network by starting at a specified trusted height and fetch snapshot data from other peers.
When you execute the aforementioned command, it initiates statesync in your container. This involves retrieving and applying a snapshot. Following this, your node will begin synchronizing new blocks, a process that typically takes around 30 minutes. You can monitor the progress of this operation by viewing the container log using the command provided below:
docker-compose logs -f orai
After running the script, your node will be ready to run as a full node! Please wait until your node is fully synchronized by typing (from your container):
oraid status &> status.json && cat status.json | jq '{catching_up: .SyncInfo.catching_up}'
If the catching up status is false, your node finished syncing process.